Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Lego Harry Potter - PS3 - Post#2

I beat out the bug!! But I think it's because I was lucky as to how it happened.

At first I tried playing one of the story levels that required you to go through the moving stairway hall, hoping that somehow it may reset them and free me. But I realized that Hogwarts is simply a hub to go in between the levels and  you never actually play IN it when going through the story levels.

So I decided to try stuff.

It happened that the troublesome stair stuck in mid-rotation. And when I jumped down from the top one, if I aimed it right I could barely jump onto the lower one, with controlling the character so it wouldn't fall off immediately. But then, when I went to the portrait to make the stairs rotate, it just wouldn't.

Then I remembered that the stairs didn't rotate if you activated them when all your characters weren't on the same landing.
So, I repeated the jumping down process with the two other characters, brought them to the landing and IT WORKED!

So I can go on. But that required a lot of trial-and-error and I just think I was lucky in my bad luck that the stairs got stuck at that spot. Slightly less, and I wouldn't have been able to reach it.

So, I'll go on and platinum the hell out of this game, just to throw egg on it's face!