Friday, May 20, 2011

L.A. Noire - PS3

It's too early to tell if I like L.A. Noire yet. There are some things I definitely love and some things that bug the heck out of me. But I won't go into that right now.

What I WILL say is something that happened yesterday evening and that totally caught me off-guard.

I was leisurely driving to a destination and stopped at a red light. While waiting for the light to turn green, the radio was playing. And I was just looking around, at the people walking by and crossing, the store fronts. Then a tram went by at another street far off and went *ding ding*. The street sounds all around me, tapping my foot to the music ...

Then a car honked at me from behind, because the light had been green for a while and I wasn't moving. I had been totally lost in the setting for a few minutes without realizing!! A little moment of pure immersion.

For all it's faults and shortcomings. This little revelation made up for a lot of it. :)
It was great.

Not quite a holo-deck, but pretty close.


Joel said...

This game is one of the reasons I wish I had a PS3.

Joel said...

Ugh... Blogger comments. Wish Google would use Gravatar. :P

Jason Flowers said...

Joel its on the xbox 360 as well. Immersion is what Rockstar games are known for. L.A Noire is the typical Rockstar game imo. Starts off slow then gradually heats up. I don't know about you guys but i'm half way through and i feel like a real detective when i play this game. It just has "it". The more i play the better L.A Noire gets!

Blake said...

I can't think straight....I'm too angry trying to get dragon age to believe me that I actually own it.