Friday, May 20, 2011

Dragon Age: Origins - Ultimate Edition DLC NOT AUTHORIZED

Downloaded Dragon -(what the title says) from steam last night. All is well....before I went to bed, I wanted to test it, see that everything is working.

Game starts ups, looks fine...go to my DLC section, see that I have all the DLC downloaded and installed, but by everyone of them is "unauthorized".

So I click it and it says, you must log in with the Bioware account with your EA account. So I go to account creation and it says that the address I used is already being used. So I think, " I guess I created a account awhile ago". So I use my address and a password and sure enough, I have an account already.

So I use that account, same email address that is used with my steam account. Go and registered my game and went back to the game. It STILL says not authorized. So I click it again and it takes me to a redeem code page. I put in the other code that I was given with the download and it then says that I must use an account that owns the material??! What now?...can't you see that I own it? I'm logged in to your server within the game linked with the account....isn't that what your talking about??!!?

So I go poking around the account and in the registered games section, I click to see what games I have registered and it says I own Dragon Age 2 with all its DLC. What?!!?!....this is making no god damn sense.

I go looking around the web for help with people telling me to mess with the code in the game with word pad, to bioware patches. But the game has been out for over a year, I'm pretty sure it should be working.

I can play the regular game and have access to awakenings, but all the DLC just says unauthorized. I don't know how to activate. I've tried the code on several screens, went to purchasing and put in the code and I am met with," you must use an account that owns the material". What are you talking about?!?!...I own it...its mine, its installed!! WORK DAMMIT!!!

I honestly don't know how to fix it. All the help topics are useless, with" It worked for me, or for all the code masters fix it with word pad". I'm hoping I can call them and get them to activate it on their end, cause I am boggled with what to do to fix it.

It seems so simple. LOG IN TO USE THIS - I LOG IN - CLICK HERE TO REDEEM - error - YOU MUST OWN A COPY OF THIS TO USE THIS. This makes no sense.

Anyone who has any ideas, please for the love of all that is meat and baloney. Help!


Kelli said...

That's funny sometimes I forget I have accoounts too, but.... I don't know how to explain this but I'm gonna we go... I think bioware does like a shared accounts thing, for example, my hubby played mass effect 1st and redeemed all the extra content, but when i finally installed it and wanted all the extra content it said that it was already redeemed.. BUT.. I clicked on a link that had all downloadable content that I know I didn't have but my hubby redeemed it so all i had to do was click download and voila I had it.

I guess what I'm tryna say is on my Bioware account it shows my husbands screen name as well as mine and I'M the one logged in, so maybe you should see who owns that Dragon Age 2 software... and see if you have a shared account of some sort. I know it sounds crazy to have a shared account that you didn't do but that's what I saw

I hope I didn't take you around the world and back with nothing, but I hope this helps :)

Blake said...

Since, I have talked with friend at work who has the game as well from steam. He said that its not Dragon Age 2 content, its the free expansion packs you get for Dragon age 2 when you purchase dragon age ultimate edition.

So that mystery is solved. But I still can't access any of my DLC and its driving me insane.

I just like to call them up and talk with a person. The only help I am offered is leave a description on their members forum and have other regular people respond.

All I am meet with are,"It works for me!!" Honestly, how is that helpful - It worked for me!!!

That and open files and mess with the code with word pad. I'm not code savy even a little to attempt that. Why can't I buy a game and just have it work?!

Lordy this annoying. I would have gladly paid the extra 10 bucks to have it on console and not deal with all this hassle.

Kelli said...

Amen. You wouldn't want to talk to a support person anyways, all you get are foreign people you can't understand, therefore you spend 2 hours saying "huh" and "I'm sorry I didn't understand you"... but I was so hung up on trying to help that I didn't stop and realize you got bit by the RPG bug.... you are finally starting an RPG 0_0????

Blake said...

Yeah, it seems it have. I do plan on playing through the whole entire set of DLC after the game.After finally getting it to work...I'm 6 hrs into the game and I must say the story is great.