Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Street Fighter Toys

The first street fighter toys I remember are the G.I. Joe versions, small with plastic guns. But since then, they have tons of versions from this franchise. Here are just a few.


Big D said...

When I was younger I had some of the GI Joe sized ones. For my birthday one year I got a vehicle they were supposed to drive in that shot missiles.

At the time I remember wondering why street fighters would even need a vehicle. I'm still not sure why..

Blake said...

It was a rule in the 80's. If u had a action figure, then it needed a vehicle. Heck even Transformers at some point had vehicles to ride in at some point. TRANSFORMERS?!!? for crying out loud!

Kelli said...

The lego ones are so cute. I have a fascination with lego for some reason, lol.

Blake said...

Lego is like the sugar of the food groups.