Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hackers Screwing With PSN

Article over on Joystiq tells of the PSN legit(users) having problems connecting to the PSN or not connecting at all. Myself included, along with Jay have been kicked offline repeatedly while playing online with Dead Nation.

What The FUCk people!?! I don't support what the hackers are doing, nor do I sympathize with them on any level. No, I don't feel bad that Sony are going after them, No, I don't think its unfair when Sony took it as far as they did by going after a handful of hackers when the PS3 was jail broke.

No, I don't think its silly that they are trying to make a point by going after one guy, Geofucknuthot.

And Saying, "well all the other systems are hacked, whats the big deal?"...exactly, whats the big deal? The hackers themselves are all up in arms that a company are trying to stop them from using their stuff for free, so what do the hackers do?.....They fuck with the legit Do I blame Sony?..hell no, are you stupid?!?.......are we suppose to sit back and go, its ok, we are just collateral damage in the big picture of Sony keeping the little man down.

What the hell is wrong with people supporting these idiots!!... Its simple.

Something is made that we have to pay for.

These guys buy this and then hack into it so it can't play any game you want and mess with the settings.

Rather than keep this info to themselves, they leak it to the public, some(geohot) down right flaunt the details.

So you tell people how to don't think people are going to not too?

This goes for all systems and the PC, but the hackers don't like that a company is trying to stop their illegal activities so they kick up their own stink by basically saying,"If we can't have it, then no one can". Yeah, these are great people...fantastic...lets support them even more.

Hey, know that virus that shut down your PC.....that virus that made you reformat your harddrive...that virus that made you lose all your data....who do you think made those.....oh yes, that's right, those friendly silly hackers.


rowen26 said...

We just need to take time to understand them, poor repressed hackers.

Oliver.M said...

Why do people hack, who gets any satisfaction from playing games when they cheat!?

Daisy said...

Bitch ass hackers need to gtfo.

The Girl Gamer said...

There will always be hackers sadly. I'm with Daisy.

All I can say is that make sure your password is 8-16 letters or numbers long. Also make sure your PSN ID isn't close like your email address cause it'll be easier for them to figure out your email. And don't do game sharing by giving your PSN info to your friend just to play a certain downloaded game from the PSN store on your PS3 console.

- The Girl Gamer

Kelli said...

hackers..... breaking into my ps3..... lemme go get my pocket knife...

after reading the girl gamers comment I better go change my password, but can I change my psn id?

The Girl Gamer said...

@Kelli - Sadly you can't change your PSN ID, but you can make a new PSN ID if you want.

- The Girl Gamer

Blake said...

When I called Sony support, they told me that changing my password and making it something more complex is all I could do.