Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Dragon Age - PS3

Well, it happened again. I went and painted myself into a video game corner.

I went through the entire game, doing most side missions and performing rather well generally. So my characters are as high in level as they'll ever be, because there's no possibility of grinding in that game. The areas you clear stay cleared, forever. Even the corpses stay.

I get to the Archdemon (dragon), which is supposed to be the last boss, though I suspect different. Anyway, I climb all the way up to him and BAM! insta-death. The characters might as well be made of paper for the dent in the bosse's lifebar they made before getting burned to a crisp. GAME OVER!

Though I noticed some ballistas around on that playthrough, so I try again this time homing in on them and useing them to pepper that damn dragon with all I can. It seemed to work well, I got the beast down to half it's life-bar. Then, the jerk summons a bazillion minions that just crush my characters without mercy while it's sprewing blue fireballs on me. Before I can even react, all my characters expire one by one,my team folding like a castle of cards.

So, with no possibility of gaining levels, my general incompetence at managing multiple characters at the same time and my defective gameplay, I just know that I will never be able to finish this game.

I'll just add it to the list of games that will never be done.
At least I had many much sex with many much different partners. I didn't even get into any of the DLC. I don't think I even want to at this point.

Congratulations game, you beat me!! I wasted over 70 hours in you. You were fun until then.


Blake said...

Baahaha, like I said earlier with Magic Orbz, You my good friend can't shoot and watch the ball at the same time. How you made it this far in life without death is beyond