Monday, March 28, 2011

Trophy Hunting Resources

I'm an avid trophy hunter and again, I shouldn't have to explain the difference between a trophy whore and a trophy hunter. short, one plays as many games as they can to get as many trophies as they can. The other plays the games for the challenges that the trophies offer.

So often times, I find myself stuck as to what do I do now to get a certain trophy. I mean ,I play all the games I own normally on the first play through. Just simply playing it as anyone would. Enjoying the game for what it is. After I have beaten the game and if I liked it. I will go and look at the trophy list for things to do and then play it a second time, this time with specific goals(trophy requirements) set out, that I try to get.

Most of the time, I can get probable 90% of them. Then there are the trophies that have you collecting a set number of this or that, or some obscure trophy description that doesn't make sense. Its times like these that I go looking for help.

The two best trophy hunting and achievements aswell, cause they are usually the same on both the Xbox and PS3, can help you get all those trophies that are giving you trouble with guides and videos or walkthroughs.

One is with a simple click on a game, and then click the guide and it gives a great detailed account of what you need to do for getting the trophy. They have most games listed, but not all, but more than likely, you will find what you are looking for here. This is always my first go to, when trophy hunting.

The second place is a YouTube page by RoosterTeeth who post under the Achievement Hunter series. They don't offer everything, but there videos are clear and concise with no confusion or misconception of what you have to do at all. Plus they are entertaining to listen too. Again, they don't have everything, but what they do have is probable the best online help videos you will find.

With just these two resources, I can usually find everything I need for help. If not here, then I just head randomly online for a specific detail. But for the most part, these two are my go too sources.

Happy Hunting.


Kelli said...

thanks for the site info.. I will be using it