Monday, March 28, 2011

Dead Nation - Operation Timed Out

Recently myself and Beatfreaker over at Portable Soldier have taken it up ourselves to do a first ever, Platinum a game playing solely on Co-op. Which I think is a great way to play this game. Now I wouldn't want all my games to be like this, but this is a great innovative way to play.

We are currently trying to beat the game on its more difficult settings. So far we are finding it challenging with lots of deaths, but its not impossible with some well placed mines.

What is the problem is the game freezing, then going back to the menu with the screen saying,"Operation Timed Out".

This is getting annoying as hell, for the main reason that the game doesn't have save points within the level when you get booted. So you have to restart the entire level again. This is only annoying, because often times we barely make it through a point that we died countless times, finally make it through and get to the next area and then we have the game" operation time out" on us and we have to replay the whole level again.

Take last night for example, just before bed were on the very last level trying to beat the game on Grim, so we figure we finish this last level before we move on to Morbid. We get to the last area and the game times out on us. Its heart breaking stuff, so rather than start again being it 12:30 at night. We quit to try again another day.

But this is annoying. So I went online looking for help. All I could find was this.(But at least others are experiencing this aswell, so its not our internet connection.)

I think there's a preset limit on the number of a current difficulty allowed to run at any one time online.

And that's it, that's all I found. I went to their facebook page and left a comment in their feedback section, hopefully I hear something back soon.


lovegame87 -ps3 said...

i'm having the same problems, me and a friend will be almost at the finish or just beginning and it just times me out!

Blake said...

Yeah, the only way around this , is to keep playing and get lucky with it. That's really all we did. It happened several times to us and I feel your pain.

But there is no fix for this sadly, its just endurance or attrition match on the gamers(you) part.

Keep at it, we did and it worked out. Made us want to kill the developers, but we did it.