Friday, March 25, 2011

PS3 New Terms of Service and User Agreement‏

I got a email today that I thought with all certainty was spam. The email said that my user agreement is changing and to go to the link and sign in with my account details so the transfer can be complete. Sounds like a phishing scam to me.

But then I came across this article on Destructoid telling me about the new email that Sony is sending to all its users is legit. That indeed it is changing on April 1st. To those of us who got the email( I assume we all got it) we can either click the link and follow the instructions to updating our accounts or come April 1st, accept the new user agreement policy and all is well.

If you don't accept the new policy or transfer your account, Sony will delete your account and wallet. I am going to wait for April 1st automatic update, and if you don't want your account lost and have a big pain in the ass, then by all means accept the new terms and agreement. I assume this is just another line of defense for hackers to get through along with new legal mumble

So if you got that email, it IS legit, but you don't need to do anything right away. You can wait for the update and accept it come April 1st. Click HERE to read the new terms.


Kelli said...

so does deleting your account mean you won't have a psn account?

Blake said...

Yes, your account will be GONE! Start over again. For someone like myself and my trophy hunting, I would feel extra sad that day if it happens.