Friday, March 25, 2011

Everything About This Disturbs Me

There are alot of weird games out there, this one is called Tsunami Fighter. Where you are a giant monster who fights back a tsunami so it doesn't crush Japan...but wait, wait... Its OK to do this. Why? well because its all for charity of course. Donate now!!......(stands with blank expression 0__o) Click here to play or donate or.....or...

Really?...I don't know what to say. Maybe a different type of game? one that doesn't have tsunamis and cities in it? but you can still have a donate button? It just feels wrong, regardless of having a donate button and saying that it's dedicated to all the people who lost their lives in Japan. I think whats even stranger are the comments left below.

Stretchypants123 says:
There was a girl that I saw at the MOA wearing a Domo-kun hat and she was really cute!! I so wanted to talk to her and it reminded me of her when I played this game. She was really cute!! ^^ But like... 14 or something lol, woah. Not into little girls, but she was still pretty cute. She's going to be hot in a few years I'll bet.

ME-( I a monster vs disaster game based on a current natural disaster where lots of people died and lost their homes and lives, made you think about the time your wee wee moved a little bit when you saw a 14 year old girl who will probable be hot in a few years?!?0__o.)

ZeoX69 says:
Winners don't build crappy reactors and store used nuclear rods ontop of the reactor so when it blows up hundreds of the rods go into the sea.
You thought the Tsunami was bad? Wait until the gov't stops covering up Fukushima

ME-( This just goes to show the ignorance of people out there. Japan had some of the safest and well built Nuclear Power plants in the world. They had fail safe after fail safe. They were built to withstand a 9.0 Earthquake, which it did. It wasn't built to withstand a flood of sea water that took out the diesel generators which were the last fail safe. If people even do a little, tiny, enny bit of research, you could find all this out. I think people rather be stupid than be informed. Also I think this guy as a little of the Charlie Sheen in him...perhaps it is Mr sheen?!)

Snoupy says:
japan need our domo is awasome!

ME-( Well can't argue with AWASOME!!)

Chrisspy says:
This was probably the most thoughtful game ever made. I just have a hard time beating it.

ME-( Good Lord, the most thoughtful?!?....well I wouldn't want you planning a quadriplegic's birthday anytime soon. The poor kid would end up with a inflatable jumping castle in his backyard followed by a game of hopscotch)