Friday, March 25, 2011

PS3 Spam

I think most of us are smart enough to tell the difference between spam and real email. Especially when it comes around the PSN. What's sadder is when you have people on your own friends list sending the nonsense to you. All they are doing is promoting this crap on to another unsuspecting person who thinks," I must forward this on to others"

Twice now, I have been sent spam mail from the same person on my friends list. The first time, I just said, "please don't send me spam again". Second time, I wrote a long message about,"You know this is spam and is just some dude with too much time on his hand?

The latest message was send this to 50 people on your friends list and get 50$ in your psn account. Well I called the person on this, saying it doesn't work. He wrote me back and said it did work for him.....What?!? worked?!.....How old are you -(thinking that, you know ..sometimes kids embellish things just not to be wrong) The reason I started thinking it was a kid, most adults are well aware of spam. He writes back and says he 16.

I wonder about that....You think a 16 year would be a little more knowledgeable?!?...perhaps its just me....but I'm thinking its a younger kid, 12-13 years old who fibs a little about this age to make him seem older( cause 16 years old is light years older to a 12 year old in their mind) to give his story a little more credibility?

I went online to see if Sony was indeed giving away 50$ money vouchers to people for forwarding a message. Of course they aren't.....I even sent them a email regarding the situation which I got back a answer of no, and that sending spam on the PSN can result in your account being shut down...Woaahh, woahah, shut down?!..that's a little harsh, isn't it?...but hey, I don't make the rules.

So, either this person on my friends list is lying (which I think he is - I mean who wants to appear wrong -especially kids) or this is some hacker thing, that makes it appear that you have money in your account, when actually it just a gateway for them to access everything about you on your PSN ID. Who knows....what I do know is this. I don't appreciate spam mail, and when I get it from random senders online, I immediately block and report them.

So this is your last warning Mr Friend online, if you send spam one more time. I will delete and block you, but I won't report you. I'm sure your a decent fellow, but for the love of monkey balls, please stop forwarding spam.