Friday, March 25, 2011

Crawmerax the Invincible - Round 1

Recently put in Borderlands again to try and kill the biggest boss in Borderlands in Co-op with fellow gamer Over at Memoirs of a Gamer Girl. Was thinking, maybe because there are two of us, that we could stand a chance and take down the monster.

I am a level 50 phase shifter and she was a level 49 Hunter, trying to take down a level 64 Behemoth with level 61 minions running around his thingies.

The battle went like this...there was a long elevator ride followed by emptying a clip followed by death..repeat. After a few attempts and realizing we aren't even doing damage to his minions. It was then we decided lets go level up some cause it was pointless at this time to do anything against him.

But to level up faster, we played on the second play through fighting enemies that were 2-3 levels higher than us, some just one level higher. This even proved to be difficult with lots of deaths and running out of ammo. BUT..the payoff, you do gain alot of XP, so in no time at all we should be up in the ranks and try the Crawmerax again. You win round 1 Mr Monster sir.

Here is what happened to us, except there were 2 of us. AND THIS GUY IS A LEVEL 58..oh my!


Kelli said...

now I understand why he's the hardest character in the game. I also thought 2 good leveled players could equal 1 great chance..... I guess not this boss means business.

When we first started playing I had to get used to the controls and my weapons of choice again, lol. I was wondering that whole time why I was dying so much, and why wasn't my revolvers giving them the beatdown in two- three shots??? I thought maybe you was thinking "man, some partner" but it was fun and we was getting alot of goot loot and expierence. I guess playing co-op with someone beside you is different from playing with someone online. I look forward to it again, and I got to invest in a mic... it could help :)

and was crawmerax's health regenerating?... that's a scary thought.

Blake said...

Good Lord, I hope his health wasn't regenerating, that would be devasting.

lol, yeah, a mic helps with all the messages back and fourth. I thought you could hear me though, so I was chattin away,"look out", " You can have those health".

I was the same thing regarding remember the button layouts and which guns were my good ones.

mext time, perhaps go up a level or two.

Kelli said...

I think we should be like level 70 so we can just beat it with our character's pinky, lol, but yea a couple levels at a time would be cool since leveling comes pretty fast