Friday, March 4, 2011

Score Chasing - Marvel Pinball - Blade Table

The Marvel Pinball tables are great fun and its the great 15-20 min play session if you looking for something short and sweet. What makes it even more enjoyable is having weekly score chases with friends.

Recently at the Gamer Dorks, I have started with a couple guys from there who own the game as well and have started doing weekly score chases. This week we did the Blade table, so its who ever gets the highest score this week. What's best is that the game keeps track of your weekly scores. So its just a little bit of fun to have online. So you don't need to be online at the same time, just play at your own leisure and enjoy yourself.

So if you own the game, give me a add on the PSN for some Marvel Pinball score chasing.So far we got 3 days left on the Blade table, Good Luck.