Friday, March 4, 2011

My PS Eye Makes Blacks Appears As Blues

Finally got my Move Bundle and set it up the other night. What I noticed right away was that there was alot of blue from the PS eye video feed. Infact, all the blacks appeared bright blue. It was like I as living in some Dr Seuss book. So I thought it was some setting that I had to adjust on the XMB.

After no luck with that, I ran to the INTERNET!! AWAY!!.

After many forums with nonsense, I was able to get a few answers from each that made sense.

It is a design flaw in the new PS Eye camera's. The new camera's come with a IR Filter that makes the image much crisper than the older models. If you ever noticed that your image was grainy, then more than likely it is a camera without a IR filter.

But this IR Filter than makes the images crisp and clear also is not too good with certain lighting. So in natural day light, it works fine. But for some artificial light, most textured blacks show up as bright blues. I tested a few things and the 2 things which didn't show up as blue was my black cat, which was still black and the PS Move controller, was still black while the black strap was blue.

Its the funniest thing, and really it doesn't bother me much. I guess I will just have to mess around with the indoor lighting or just accept things being blue, which I am fine with. But answers like this are hard to come by on the net, no one is ever straight to the answer, always a bunch of nonsense and maybe a hint of whats wrong.

But don't fret, your camera isn't faulty, it isn't broken. It just means you have a newer model with a IR filter. You can send it back and try to get a older model camera if its something that really really bothers you. Or you can change the lighting in your room, whether, its different light bulbs or different placement of lamps.

I've accepted it for what it is, blue is blue and I'm fine with that.


Daisy said...

I think the blue looks kinda cool! Could probably have a bit of fun with that. RAVE PARTY!

Blake said...

Yes, its like I washed my clothes in the blood of smurfs.