Thursday, March 3, 2011

Playstation Plus Update

Another week as come and I filled out my collection a little more. The original Sonic the Hedgehog for the Sega Genesis was released with trophies for Plus users. I gotta say, I own this game for the Sega Genesis, PC, PS2, PS3 Sega collection, PSN. It doesn't get old..this was the first game I owned when I first got my Genesis and the sounds, music, Its great, I love it. And its free and I get it a month before actually release date. That's another $4.99 of savings.

The other thing I got was 2 new mini's. So this is the first mini's I actually downloaded and I must say that I only downloaded them just to see what its all about and they were free. I doubt I would ever pay money for a mini. One was Enigmo and the other was Pix'n Love Rush. I played both for about 5 min and deleted them. They are listed as $2.99 each, so that's another 6 bucks.

So with this little combo I got another 11$ plus tax in savings. That brings my total too $41 plus tax. So I'm more that well on my way to getting my value in Plus in less than a month. I think that's a great value.


Kelli said...

I'm a big sonic fan myself, I even remember watching the cartoon back in the day.

Blake said...

Never watched the cartoon, but played the heck outta of the first sonic game and pinball sonic.

I yet to play a good sonic game on the next gen console's. My kid is big into sonic and he has most of them on his Wii, having played them all, they all lack that something that makes me feel like its a sonic game and more of a game where people are dressed as mascots.

Oliver.M said...

I have to say, i've never really enjoyed Sonic games that much. I find him kinda annoying lol

Blake said...

The only real good one was the very first one for the Genesis.Ever game that's on the Wii, just doesn't feel like Sonic game and indeed is annoying.