Sunday, March 6, 2011

My 22nd Platinum - Killzone 3

Killzone 2 goes down in history as the hardest FPS I have ever played on the hardest settings. Killzone 3 hardest setting is a walk in the park compared to Killzone 2. From what I read online , the developers really listened to the fans about their complaints about the online trophy for coming in the top 1% of all world wide players for that week and made them super easy in number 3.

The online trophies for Killzone 3 are a breeze, its just, pick a class and do its special ability. Along with kill someone while in the mech and while flying with the jet pack. They are stupid easy compared to Killzone 2.

So overall, this game was a delight to play through and trophy hunt. I played through the single player campaign twice, once on veteran and then again on Elite. Then a 3rd time in co-op with my son. Couple that with over 12 hrs online and its a great game.

Now you don't have to play 12 hrs online to get those online trophies, you can do them all within a hr. But the single player ones are pretty fun with none being really hard to get. Its a fun game and I still have lots of online to play, just because its enjoyable.

With that I got my 22nd Platinum in Killzone 3.


Dan said...

Congrats mate. Now get some sleep! :)

JaySevenZero said...

Well done, I'm almost there myself. The only one that's giving me grief is the destroy everything on the Mawlr one, but it's just about perseverance. Love this game, the multiplayer is proving most distracting.

Blake said...

@Dan- was too wired after all the killing to sleep,lo

@JaySevenZero - YEah, the key to the mawlr was the second portion of the battle on a intruder where I would shoot at the location even before the guns appeared, cause they pop in and out pretty quick towards the end.

Yes, multiplayer is very distracting. Good luck to you!

Kelli said...

congrats on your trophy :)