Monday, March 7, 2011

The New Mortal Kombat Seems to Be Focusing on Hardcore

I was really looking forward to the next MK game, but everything that I keep seeing about the game with regards to the developers talking about it. They all keep talking about the hardcore fans. For me, I think this is a big mistake, sure make the game so its not broken. But catering to the hardcore fans will certainly make them happy.

But for the more casual players like myself, it really turns me off from the game. Much like Marvel Vs Capcom 3, sure you can play through it. But you can tell that's its really pushing towards the hardcore gaming community. This seems to be the trend for the new MK game aswell. Especially with this 300 hundred ladder they keep talking about along with bringing in tournament fighters to test the game.

I can tell you right now, what a tournament fighter gets from a game as compared to a casual fighter player gets from the game is worlds apart. Overall, this really doesn't sit well with me. I was really looking forward to this as a day one purchase. But as things go right now, I think I will sit on it for a few weeks before I actually put money into it.

Its sad that it seems with capcom and MK ,they seem to be pushing in a certain direction that will alienate alot of casual gamers like myself.


Kelli said...

they are really getting graphic with the bone breaking, lol but I like that they put the fatality moves up there for practice so that it can become second nature. I'm not a fighting game fan and one of the reasons is because I can't remember any moves and I hate pausing to look at a list of moves... that's so annoying, so I think having that is a step up for gamers like me.

Blake said...

For sure, it is indeed annoying to have to go in and out of menu's to look at a move list when practising. So that is a step in the right direction for sure.

what's worse is the MvsC3 game, that gives you the name of the move.....that still doesn't help. I don't know what "mruplemaxitaxt Fire" followed by "Feedteepee" move is?..please just have the buttons themselves shown?