Tuesday, February 22, 2011

More Playtime With MvsC3: Fate of Two Worlds

After playing Marvel Vs Capcom 3 quite a bit more this week and I can confidently say that this game was made with hardcore gamers in mind even though it has a simple mode, still makes it a game for the hardcore fans of the fighting game genre.

Fighting games are meant to be played with other people, right? Well too often I am dumped in a room with (someone who is suppose to be my equal) and instead get my ass handed too me as if I was a 6 year old being held down by a wrestler has he grabbed my hands and smacked my own face all the while repeating,"stop hitting yourself, stop hitting yourself..."

Again, the challenge missions is what really tells me that this game was made for hardcore gamers. The missions challenges start out stupid easy," Do this one move". Then move up to,"Do this one move with this other move". Then by the time you hit level 5 of 10, you are trying to pull off 6-15 button combinations at lighting speed all the while not missing a beat. Its insane, because some I can actually do, just not fast enough. So they go from stupid easy challenges to hard, no middle ground, nothing. Its frustrating a hell.

Online again, well you can guarantee that you will fight at least 2 of these 5(Dante, Akuma, Ryu, Zero, Wolverine) characters online. This always seems to be the problem online, no one is willing to learn other characters and give it a go. Everyone always goes back to the same handful of characters because its what they know. What results is a boring and unchallenging match where you might as well sit back with your controller in your lap while the other guy flings you around the match. Honestly, I said it before, most of these guys wouldn't even notice that you are not even moving(controller sitting in your lap) because they are frantically pushing out 100 hit combos.

The guys that you will meet online in no particular order, Dante, Akuma, Ryu, Zero,Wolverine are the meatheads of the group. Dante has a simple combo with a delay and tons of damage that everyone uses. I had a match where one guy just spammed fireballs a whole round and his win to lose was 76-34, with just spamming fireballs?!?! Then the ones that stick you a corner and just go nuts, I can't even move...stuck in a corner, low blocking, high blocking, it doesn't matter. Its fucking frustrating and no fun.

There is a trophy for fighting against the entire roster online, you will never be able to get this trophy since 90% of the online players all choose between the same 10 characters.

I enjoy fighting games, but I don't know what it is about them lately. With Marvel vs Capcom 3, I would have to say, if you are a average fighter player like myself. I would say, stay away from this game and go play Street fighter 4. This game has two settings, childlike and mega hardcore hard-on mode. Right now I am just playing through the story modes of each character to see a 2 page lame ass story and unlock art and a model viewer. After that, I will probable only rarely play this game again if friends come over.

Overall, stay away from this game unless you like punishment or your one of those people who can dish out the 50-60 hit combos,(this doesn't include the using the super moves)

These are some videos of online, and look who is in all the rosters?? Always someone from that list of 5 characters I stated above. yeah, yeah, there are others out there who choose different characters, but go into a ranked match online and you will see who you will be fighting all the time.