Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I've Joined Plus

Ever since Plus came out I was wondering if I should give it a go? And much like the initial release of the PS3 console with its limited library, it seemed like I was making that decision again. Not enough material to pull me in, but over the past 2-3 months, Plus has had some really great stuff that I wanted to try, the biggest one being the DC Universe MMO. If I had Plus, I could have tried it for free and then made a decision if I wanted to buy it or not. Now, I have to buy a $60 dollar game to find out in the first month if I like it enough to want to pay $15 a month or if I don't like it, sit on my shelf too never be played again.

Then the past week, Stacking was free for Plus Users, I thought. This is stupid, I'm getting plus. The thing with plus is that the deals only last a week or so. So if you miss out, its not going to be there in the back library for you to take advantage of.

So with that, I got 1 year plus 3 free months with plus and I've already gotten a substantial amount of money from the deal.
To start I got -
Stacking which was $14.99 for free
Digger which was $9.99 for free
A Dynamic theme which was $2.99 for free

Add in the taxes to all that and I am looking at over $30 worth of stuff. Another $30 bucks worth over the next year and 3 months and plus pays for itself. I have no doubt that I will be taking advantage of the free deals on plus. So far, I am pretty happy with the deal. I will update the give and take deals of plus every now and then.


Martel said...

i got the plus membership quite a while back and have been happy with it. Lots of fun games have come along for free to fill my time which i would otherwise have waited forever till it came on sale. I'm too much of a thrift gamer to bother paying full price for any game.

I haven't even touched some of the games (Shatter,Stacking, all 5 episodes of Sam&Max) that i have gotten for free from the plus membership since i just have too much to play already. I like all these independently made games from smaller companies. They are usually very addictive little games that entertain me for hours at a decent price. And already i have gotten enough of those to pay for the subscription. I probably would have bought the games anyways without the membership so this way i'm getting alot more to save me money. The "MINIs" that you get for free are not that interesting so far(though i havn't played too many of the free ones i've received). If i had a PSP then i would probably enjoy them more for their 5-10 minute gameing when on a bus or waiting on my GF. Exclusive demos? shrug. i ask "Why bother?" they release them to everyone a week or two later anyways. Beta's are fine. I downloaded both the DC universe beta and Little Big Planet 2. the problematic thing with that is if you have an older model like mine you don't have much disk space for downloading such things. Glad i was able to upgrade to an 80gig HD from a generous donation from my GF's brother.

Oh as for the free dynamic Backgrounds for the playstation. There have been a couple of really cool ones so far. Hoping for some more cool ones to be released. Though i can't say i would pay for them by themselves. But getting free is awsome.

Qore episodes for free every month with membership...yeah i wouldn't subscribe to this by itself...but it can be interesting sometimes. If someone was going to subscribe to Qore i would say don't be an idiot. Get the plus membership since you at least get the rest of the free stuff.

hmm. there's my two cents. Is plus membership worth it? Yeah if you like free games? And if you don't....um...why have a gaming system?

Blake said...

Yeah, same here. I wouldn't have bought digger for $10 bucks, but you can't beat free. Now that I do have, i do enjoy it, its not a bad little game. That is how I think most of my downloads from plus will pan out. Games that I wouldn't mind playing, but wouldn't buy, but now I can get them free, so yeah I'll give them a try and see if they were indeed worth the money.

I think plus pays for itself in no time. Unless you don't go to the store or download games, then there's no reason to get plus. After I surpass the cost of a plus membership, everything else is gravy.

Kelli said...

When I first got playstation plus I thought I was wasting my money because there was nothing I really liked but I guess as new content was available like stacker, and of course dc universe online beta, etc. I became more satisfied... but I just wish there were just a little more selection of themes, and avatars.

Blake said...

Yeah, because the selection does get archived, members have to be diligent when things become available.