Friday, February 18, 2011

Stacking - PS3

As soon as I saw the trailer for Stacking, I knew I would get it.

Just the style in itself was enough to sell me on it. And it being a Double-Fine product sealed the deal.

The gameplay is refreshing and relaxing. There's nothing WRONG you can do. Most action give you a funny or unexpected result. I guess I needed a game where no pressure (or heavy shooting) to refresh myself. And Stacking did it!!

All the characters in the game are russian stacking dolls and you play as the smallest doll in the world. All the dolls have an ability, some mundane, some special. You hop into any doll one size larger to control it.

Stacking Screenshot

The puzzles are all pretty easy to figure out if you look around or talk to the dolls, who will usually give you hints on how to proceed. And there's also a hint system, though I never used it, so I can't say much about it. Going through the game straight on is pretty fast and easy. But the challenge is finding the multiple solutions to the puzzles.

The environments are gorgeous. They all feel like play sets put together by kids to play in with the dolls. They are a combination of over-sized objects and materials, accompanied by a nice distance blur effect that makes you really feel that you're playing with small toy dolls.

Stacking Screenshot

And the doll actions are things that feel like kids would do while playing with them (including burping and farting). There's loads of them to collect and tons of different actions and interactions between them.

Stacking Screenshot

All in all, well worth the price for me. Loads of fun and I'm still going through it to get everything. At least try the demo to see if it's for you! You may be surprised.


Kaius said...

I played the demo, too, and I love it. AS soon as I have the money I will buy it. My kids love it very much. Exspecially the burping and the farting dolls ^^

Blake said...

Nothing comes across better than kids, than burp and fart jokes. Everyone is happy:)