Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Pacman Championship Edition DX - PSN

Pacman is one of my all time favorite games, I can always go back to it and play a few rounds and I find it even more entertaining when you are score chasing with friends. Even if it meant beating the person by 10 points. Normally points don't really matter in a game, but that's what Pacman is about. There's no story mode or campaign, its surviving as long as you get while racking up the points.

Pacman Championship Edition is spectacular, am I not thinking with a clear mind here because I am a fan? probable. But boy do they ever give you a ton of stuff with this game. There are 10 different modes with up to 15 different modes withing those. Each of the levels can be customized to look like a specific older version of Pacman.

Along with all the ghost and Pacman himself. If you can remember a version of Pacman at the arcades or older consoles, then he is recreated here and can be selected for any map. It adds that little something for fans of the series.

Its also not your traditional Pacman, there is no limit as to the number of ghost that can chase you and also that you can eat as long as you have enough power dots. The highest number of ghost I ate in one with one power up was 72 before I reverted back to being normal. It makes for a very entertaining run through the maze.

Me being a fan of the series and absolutely loving what they did with the game (unlike the space invaders they released awhile back) I can't recommend this game enough for anyone who was fan of Pacman in the 80's. There are a ton of modes and selections to keep you entertained for quite some time and $9.99 is well worth the money. I am still going through them all with over half yet to be unlocked and I am loving every eating dot moment. (Try the Demo, if you like that, you will like the game)