Monday, January 10, 2011

BattleField BC2 - Are You Feeling Ok?

Only recently I've started noticing that when I turn on BF all my stats have reset to zero. I'm back to level 1, all my guns are locked all my perks are locked. All my stats have gone back zippo.
Well first I thought that it was just the game menu, it would load up the data when it syncs with the servers, I'm sure its all there, I just can't see it.

But nope, when I get into the game. The game treats me like a person entering the game for the first time. I only have access to the beginner guns and have no perks. So yeah, its like starting from scratch again.

For me this is a game killer, this was the reason I got rid of my precious Killzone 2. I lost all the saved data for my online guy and I wasn't about to spend another 30 hrs unlocking everything, so I got rid of it. That's how I felt here, AGAIN! I don't want to spend those hrs getting all the stuff back that I already had!

I tried to reload the game several times at different times during the day and I came out with the same results. After talking with a handful of people online, this seems to be a EA server problem and fixes itself with time. But I haven't found any official notices about this.

Later on in the evening, some of it did revert back to its original status. So I did have access to all my guns and perks, but all my guns stats were frozen at zero. Well I guess I'm fine with that, but I really hope EA/Dice get their act together and fix this pain in the ass problem.