Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Getting Rid of My Xbox 360

Been thinking about it for some time now. But my Xbox sits under my PS3 collecting dust. I just don't use it.

Its a older model so I am a little wary about how much time it as left, who knows it may last forever. But its because of its sketchy history that I am afraid to download Games to its hard drive. Yeah, I know I can redownload them again on a new Xbox. But I don't plan on replacing it when and if it dies. Once its dead, its dead.If I do plan on getting it fixed at no cost to me, I will just send it away to get a brand new Xbox and then in turn sell that one.

I got the Xbox to play its exclusives, which for me was Mass Effect, Fable, and Gears of War. Well Mass Effect is coming to the PS3, Fable took a drastic dip in quality in number 3 and Gears of War is just another shooter and quite frankly I am happy with most shooters. If I don't get to play Gears of War, I'm cool with that. Battlefield, COD, Killzone, Resistance is more than enough to keep my FPS in check.

Online, something I don't ever plan on PAYING to play online. Sure cross game chat is great. But its not worth $60 for me. I have a substantial list of friends on my PS3 to play a wide selection of games I own.

Its these reasons that I am thinking of getting rid of my Xbox and its games. If I trade it in at EB, I doubt I will even get enough money to cover the cost of a full price game, but who knows. I will see. I paid $300 for a 60GB, I plan on maybe getting $50 for it and the 4 games I own. ALL of which are old and or crappy games. Sigh!


Big D said...

I'm sorry to hear that! Sounds like you really don't have much use for it though.

I was thinking of getting a 360 for my brother's birthday. Would you be interested in selling it?

Blake said...

Yeah, I am selling it. But I have 2 buyers ahead of you, sry. If they don't pan out then I am always up for a good bargain.:)