Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cleaning My PSN Friends List

I think the PSN friends list maxes out at 100 hundred people. Currently I have 51 and its great to have a wide selection of active friends online to play with.

They range from family to friends to the large group of friendly gamers like the GamerDorks. Down to random people you met online that were friendly and added to a good online experience. So I think if you are going to play online games, its great to have a active list of friends to play with. Currently at 51 people, there is almost always someone in the world online.

But as my list grows, so does the number of people I've added that have become inactive. So Yesterday I decided I was going to start deleting people who have been dormant for more than 3 months. I think 3 months is a good length of time to remove someone from your list? I am going to try to contact the person first to see exactly what the situation is regarding their inactivity.

I am probable signed in to my PS3 almost everyday and if someone has been inactive for 7 months. Then having them on my list is just taking up space for someone who is a more active user. Currently there are a total of 7 people on my list who are on the chopping block. 2 of which I already removed because one stopped playing the PS3 and the other because his PS3 died (you have my condolences Dave)

But at the same time I am adding new people as well. For me I find it a very friendly social network of people who enjoy playing games. Its great to see what they are playing and their progression through games and to jump in for a quick run and gun. 7 months is a long time not to sign in.