Thursday, January 13, 2011

COD: Black Ops - I Keep Trying and I Keep Dieing

Ever play a game of something in school, or try something new for the first time with somebody or a group of people who are really good at it. Not only are they really good at it, but they aren't modest about it, oh and did I mention they are 2 feet taller than you. So its the 14 goal/basket/home run/Touch Down/Tag your it in a row, that you start to say to yourself, " Ummm, is this suppose to be fun".

I'm not saying its about winning, its about the process of enjoying the game. Spawning and getting shot every single time you come across a enemy is just disheartening. You see people have kill streaks, well this morning before work I managed a death streak of 9. Should I get a medal or some points for dieing that much in a row?

It makes no difference if I try to use the iron sites or red dot laser sites or shoot from the hip. The level 42 guy seems to have better weapons than my level 11 guy. Especially sad when you see all the bullets that hit you were in your legs, But it drops me like a head shot.

This in my opinion shows that Black Ops really is ONLY for hardcore fans and is NOT new players friendly. It rewards the hardcore higher level players with kill streaks, better weapons and makes it an absolute SLOG for new players to make their way up in ranks.

I should make a video of my play through, especially this morning play through. It was and is infuriating to the point of where I am baffled at what is going on. I know I'm a good FPS gamer, black ops makes me..well I might as well declare myself retarded and start drinking my own piss.

Why do I keep playing? I want to see if infact it is true, that if I get better weapons will it get better????? Will I become this killing machine that when I meet another player, BANG...they drop dead because I just shot em in the ankles.

A PLAY SESSION WITH DARRYL -would go a little something like this.

Victory Class - Spawn - Start to down dead(shot in the back)

Victory Class - Spawn - Start to run.......fall down dead (ran around a corner and shot in the back)

Victory Class - Spawn - Start to a guy infront of me....bring up my iron sights...fall down dead (his kill cam shows my killer had enough time to bring up his gun and blast me in the belly)

Victory Class - Spawn - Start to a guy infront of me...I shoot from the hip....I'm dead (while my killer had enough time to raise his iron sights and shoot me in the head)

Victory Class - Spawn - Start to in the back. (From a guy who ran from where I just spawned)

Victory Class - Spawn - Start to run..... stop I see a guy hiding......I peek around the corner and take pot shots at him....he turns sees me and shoots n kills me. .( I guess my bullets were the friendly kind, you know the ones that tap you on the shoulder and ask you how your day is going)

Its SOOOOOOOOOOO frustrating, but there is some sick part of me that wants to see if I will get better when I get a better weapon. Cause my cross hairs pointed at guys head, must mean more or less a direction I like to shoot, but the bullets just do what they want.

Here, watch a guy die 16 time in a row, pretty much me in a nutshell.


Big D said...

If you keep playing yes you will get marginally better, but still die in completely bullshit ways no matter what.

Jaison and I have been playing COD together since number 4 and still have matches where we get completely destroyed because of lag. This game makes me swear more than all other games I own combined.

Best thing to do when you start getting too mad is quit the match and search for another one with hopefully better connection or crappier players.

Blake said...

Yeah, thanks. My cousin who is also a big COD player was telling me some hints and things to do.

It all started to sound like actually work with lots of cursing.
I tried again last night to play. Got up 2 more levels but not without lots of deaths. My score at the end of a match is 7 kills 19 deaths.

As compared to the top 3 players 34 kills and 4 deaths.Im just giving up on it all together. Games are meant to be enjoyed, I"m not enjoying myself.

I'm gonna go play transformers

DJPimpDaddy said...

I too want a trophy for death streaks! I think once in 1943 I had a ratio of 1 kill to 25 deaths. At one point the level 50 guys ran past me like I wasn't even worth the time to turn slightly and knife me.

I died 7 seconds into my first game of MOH. Bad Company 2 was at least 25 seconds in. I own MW2 but terrified to play it online. Your post pretty much makes me not want to play Black Ops ever unless the campaign is decent. With MOH I borrowed from a friend, played campaign, then returned it and didn't feel bad about it.

I clawed my way about half way up the advancement tree in BC2, but that took lots of early morning play when all the hard core players had passed out. Perhaps time of day is the secret?

Blake said...

Time of day probable does have a lot to do with it.

The single player campaign of Blacks Ops is ok, its your typical FPS. If you enjoy those types of games then I'm pretty sure you will enjoy that.

But don't get it if you are just going to play the single player campaign. I think it be a waste of money seeing as all of the meat of the game is their indepth multiplayer.

Lewis Wolk said...

man do I know your frustration. I am at level 48 with the lsat machine gun maxed and target finder , suppressor and full metal jacket. I always am at the bottom of the list when playing live. I play at least domination so that if I capture or hold the enemies flag even if I die I still get points. Only reason I ranked up to level 48 . Butr yes it is SOOOOOOO frustrating. I'm 53 and based on the talking I hear from the players I'm getting massacred by 10 yr olds lol. But still dont know why as frustrated as I am I keep trying lol.....