Thursday, January 13, 2011

80's Nostalgia From Ebay

The one and only time I bought something from Ebay, I got jipped, This was before Paypal and all that. But that was back in 2000. Ebay as come a long way since then and seems to even gotten into the blogging as well.

Here is a post of back to the 80's, which growing up in the 80's is the reason I love all that nonsense. But we are here for vigamigames, not the poofy hairdos and bandannas tied to our legs.

Give it a click for some great items to buy from the era. Its a great way to sell stuff by classifying it as back to the 80's. A great hook if you ask me. Go take a look and buy something or don't and just have flash backs from your childhood. Thanks to the Alien in my brain for making me go there, I will call it Ally, thanks again.


Edward said...

Yay, thanks Ally!!
[ had a great laugh here with this Alien story of yours BTW :) ]

Blake said...

U r welcome good sir. But don't ever underestimate the alien known as Ally.