Thursday, January 13, 2011

Goodbye My Xbox

Before reading - please scroll down to end of this article and click play and then come back and read......why?...cause its fun, what you against fun now? Are you part of the fun Police?? No, then click the damn song already.

So its done, Final, El done -O. I just sold my Xbox 360 and my 1st gen Xbox and all its games. I am Xboxless. So the night before when I was getting it ready, I was trying to delete my Xbox account, not only from the HD of the Xbox but to remove it all together from Microsoft servers. I didn't know how to do it! There was no helpful menu telling me, click here to cancel your account.

Removing everything from the HD was no problem, but I don't know how to cancel my account. Any advice would be help full, I'm pretty sure I can do it on a PC. If not than my account will forever be lost in limbo. Or someone hacks it and pretends to be me.

So with that, I leave the Xbox world only to return when they develop that Xbox game from the movie "The Island". Where we can stand and pretend to punch each other. The technology Michael Bay suggest in that movie makes no sense what so ever( no surprise there) but its the bench mark that I want to see before I buy another Xbox.

Here is my farewell song for my Xbox, we had some good times and some times where we didn't do anything at all while you played with your dust collection.