Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Nintendo 3DS

According to Destructoid, the Nintendo 3DS will be launching on March 27, at 249.99$.  That's way over what I'd be willing to pay.
I think I'll wait.

Here's the original article.


Oliver.M said...

what!? That's way too much - i was think under 200!! :L suppose it will be cheaper in England though

Blake said...

Yeah, that's $249.99 over what I'm willing to pay!

Big D said...

I heard numbers like that floating around for a while before it was officially announced and i thought it was nuts.

I am sure they'll still sell a hojillion of these things, but that's way too much for a handheld.

Blake said...

Here I as thinking that only Sony was allowed to charge insane prices for their gear?!

rowen26 said...

How mush was the original DS when it came out though? Wasn't it somewhere around that price too?

I can't remember.

It's still more then I'd be willing to dish out for it though.

Blake said...

Yeah, I think it was close to $300 when it was all said and done.