Thursday, January 20, 2011

Demo - Modern Combat :Domination

Remember when 3D Game Heroes came out and there were a large group of people shouting,"Its a rip off of Zelda". To which I replied...and your point is??

Well same goes here, people screaming" How dare they rip off Call of Duty.... Don't buy it, its just a cheap crappy version of Call of Duty"

What the hell, we aren't allowed to have games that have modern combat and resemble COD? They are wrong that this is not a rip off of COD, if that's the case then every FPS shooter these days are a rip off of COD.

What this game is, IS a remake of counterstrike. A very popular FPS on the PC. I only played counter strike a few times and it had a very large following, but soon its age started to show. It looks dated, but that didn't stop alot of people.

Well modern Combat is just what these fans need. Its the buy your guns and gear before every match. Add attachments and bonuses and start off with your team to protect a bomb or arm the bomb. Once you are dead, you are dead. So you watch your teammates run around and try to finish the map or that's what the demo was. Maybe their are more options in the full game, I don't know.

The only thing that I could say that this game is anyway like COD is that its called Modern Combat. Other wise we can say that Medal of Honor or Battlefield are all COD rips offs. I'm sorry, but COD franchise didn't start it all. I think that's what irritates me the most about this, is that people saying its a crappy version of COD.

When its not, its a different but similar take on the modern combat FPS genre. I think the counter strike fans will love this game. But if your like myself, then the demo will suffice. I had my time and enjoyed it. But it is, in the end, just another online shooter. And I'm up to my arse with online shooters, I don't need another one, thanks.

But give the demo a try, its a decent game. And for for 8 bucks, you can't go wrong. Unlike COD: black Ops, after only 3 matches, I was coming in the top place with 12 kills and 4 deaths. Whats the deal Black Ops?? 19 deaths - 6 kills, something seems wrong here?