Thursday, January 20, 2011

Nintendo 3DS Pricing Comparison

So here I was thinking that the Nintendo DS was $300 upon release. So to correct myself, here is a nice little chart of the prices of the other handhelds that were released by Nintendo. I think Nintendo are being really smart here.

They are willing to test their fan base to see just how far they can raise the price on something before even the most loyalist fan says." That's too much". But compared to other gaming handhelds on the today's market, its prices aren't that bad compared to the PSP Go and PSP 5000. Although both Sony's handhelds are powerhouses when it comes to what they are capable of compared the the 3DS.

What Sony doesn't have is the popular market of Nintendo. The family stamp of approval, except when all the kids start going cross eyed, then fingers start getting pointed around. Who didn't test this, who's fault is it that my kid can't see straight?