Wednesday, January 19, 2011

InFamous - PS3

I'd been on the fence about getting this one for a long time. But at it's Greatest Hits price (plus extra taken off on sale), I picked it up.

I really enjoyed playing it. I even went as far as finding ALL the dead drops (hidden recorded messages) in the game. Well, there's only about 35, but they are spread all over the city and you have to find them. I also found a lot of the blast shards. But finding all of those would be nuts. I did enjoy just going around hunting for some.

I played good Cole, because even in games, I cannot be evil. Makes me feel bad. I had to stop for every sick person that I encountered on the street and heal them. I could NOT not do it. Though it became tedious after a while. The most evil I got was blasting some people on purpose, but then I would go up to them and heal them. :P Some of the big story moral choices were hard to make sometimes.

The powers were fun to use and blasting lightning at bad guys felt great. :D

Empire City looks a bit bland. I thought there was too much gray and the overall design isn't all that inspired. I did like the look of the enemies. I really likes the look of the comic book cut scenes. The art was great.

I finished it and I have to say that I will be getting InFAmous 2. It was a very enjoyable playthrough, though I won't be playing through it again from the evil perpective. The powers are slightly different, but not enough to entice me to do it. I am curious about the repercussions of some of those evil choices. But really, it's more curiosity then actual caring. I'm satisfied with the good ending.


Blake said...

I am playing it on evil,but I plan on going back and playing it on good, cause I feel horrible about all the evil stuff I am doing.