Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 - PS3

This one has been on my list of unfinished games and I decided to get rid of it... I mean finish it. Blake has already reviewed it thoroughly -->> here <<-- on the blog. But my difference is I'm not a comic book fan so I have a different sppreciation. And I forced myself to sludge through it ... I mean finished it dammit, so I'll review it! ;)

I found it boring, plainly. I am not a fan of top-down gaming for one. The models and levels look fine, but I want to see them close-up other then in cutscenes damnit! That's a large part of the frustration.

I played it on casual, which in essence means I never die and all the leveling up is automatic. Why did I choose that? Because I didn't care! Just wanted to get it done.

So the experience has been reduced to button mashing. Even through the dialogue arcs. I like stories usually, but this one just became tedious at some point. I started out reading all the dialogue, until I realised it didn't really matter in the end.

The level variety is acceptable (and probably larger if you play from the other faction, which I will NOT be doing) and I did enjoy going around busting as much stuff as I could.

The enemies are repetitive and similar, except for the bosses which are Marvel superheroes, which I liked discovering, but that ultimately just resumed to button mashing.

The only thing I really liked was Deadpool, because he was funny and I used him through the entire game as soon as he was available. The others seemed all similar to me. And also Stan Lee's cameo made me both chuckle and groan.

Anyway, one more game scratched off the list. It was an okay game, for someone who doesn't care very much for the genre.

Moving on!


Edward said...

You see, I'm a big Marvel fan and even I was let down by how boring these games are (both MUA 1 and 2). I got the 1st one together with my PS3 years ago, and as much as I forced myself to like it I never made it beyond the 3rd world.

X-Men Legends was awesome though, I guess the formula worked well there.

Blake said...

I loved the X-men Legends and enjoyed the first MUA 1. But 2 took a giant dive into the toilet.