Thursday, January 27, 2011

Being Bad in Infamous - PS3

I know Ian(Rowan) has already wrote about infamous, finishing it on Good. I figured since, the game is called Infamous, than the game is meant to he be played as the Bad Character. Seeing as you reach infamous status?

Most games where there is a moral dilemma between doing something good or evil, it usually makes me feel bad to do bad things. And this one did just that, I felt horrible for killing the pedestrians and just plain doing bad things to them. But then a odd thing happened, NEVER before in one of these types of games. Half way through the game, I just didn't care about my evil actions. They just became part of the game, It was what I was SUPPOSE to be doing.

I don't know how in god's name I am going to be able to go back and play as the Good guy. I mean, enemies would storm the street I would let loose everything I had, destroying whole city blocks, killing a ton of city folk in the process. To not do that, and just take precision shots? holy cow that's going to be hard.

Then there were missions that didn't really give a clear indication of what I was suppose to do, and at a couple missions I ended up getting Good endings. Which resulted in me restarting the game and doing it again. SPOILER- the mission where you have to either save your girlfriend or save 5 doctors. My thinking was save the girlfriend is more evil, seeing as its choosing one life over many. NOPE, I'm wrong, saving one life as oppose to 5 is a good thing...?!?! This doesn't make sense to me.-End Spoiler

Sandbox?? Really? There not much sandboxing going on here. Besides the actually side quest that you pick up. Without them, the city becomes dead, its not like GTA where you can go around and do this and do that(bars, restaurants, girlfriends, games, etc). All you can do is just fart around the city, much like the first assassins creed. Which gets really boring fast.

So I do plan on going back and beating the game as the good guy and on hard difficulty. Trying to go for the platinum with this one. I still have 7 shards to find, holy cow that's going to be a pain. But over all, I was bored in parts of the game and I gotta say that, FOR ME, its a big resounding "Meh". I played it and will continue to play it to see both sides of the story, I usually do that with these types of games anyway. But after that, I don't see myself picking this up just to fart around Empire City.

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DJPimpDaddy said...

Is the game harder when you are bad vs good? I have been giving consideration to playing Oblivion again but as a total jerk assassin thief. It's just odd when games give you a clear choice good or evil and then reward one path but not the other. Take Bioshock for example, you are rewarded with more ADAM in the end for choosing one path over the other <--like that? No spoiler heh heh.

I know that in Oblivion being completely evil will make you a wanted man, and ultimately sorta break the game unless you love being constantly on the run from the law. I can't figure out if you can even progress through the quest line if everyone wants to kill you.

rowen26 said...


It's funny about your guilt playing a bad character disappearing. I experienced the opposite playing the good guy.

At some point, people always come up to you and cheer or ask you to heal people/catch thieves. But at some point, I just wanted to get places, and they were crowding my way so I would just blast them.

Gave me a little bad karma, but I had all my powers unlocked, so who cared?

Blake said...

In infamous, if you are good, the citizens throw rocks at the bad guys. As a bad guy they throw rocks at you.

Is it easier playing bad? YES! Why?

You don't have to worry about killing innocents, just throw a bunch of grenades and who cares if anyone gets caught in the crossfire.

You get a different story as well throughout the game. I don't know if you get a different story in oblivion or if its just how people react to you that's the difference?