Tuesday, January 25, 2011

How to Make Beating Your Kids Look Like Accidents

When the Wii came out, we were flooded with all these videos of people tossing their wii remotes into the television and/or people smashing light fixtures. Well here is the new generation of flailing like a idiot mishaps.


Curtis said...

This is great! What's even more genius about these geniuses is they're taking the time to film themselves standing in front of a TV and playing a video game. Oh what fun. Put down the camera and raise your kids before they're illiterate and dead. Or maybe take the time to be aware of how big your kid's head is so you don't accidentally knock it off it's body.

Blake said...

So we need kids with bigger heads?

A warning on the box, "make sure your kids head is this big or it may get knocked off during play"

I like that.

DJPimpDaddy said...

These are the best gaming accident videos since the launch of wiihaveaproblem.com back in the day.

You see, this is exactly why I don't want motion gaming. Not only do you look like a total tool, but you run the risk of assault as well.

Excellent post. Brightened my day!

Blake said...

Violence....Brightening people's Day since the dawn of time.:)

Edward said...

Bearded, white-haired men, grown-up women and dads beating their children...
Where is the world headed to?
I could go on and on, this is but one tiny sample of how idiotic all this motion gaming fad seems to me.

Next time someone asks me "did you buy Kinect already?" I'll just back away so I don't have to be rude or something worse.