Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Yesterday on a whim I decided to look into OnLive.
I've been hearing about it in passing.

The signup is free and you only pay for games you want to play. And they offer free trial, so I figured "why not?".

It's actually pretty impressive! The streaming was very good and the quality as well. A little on the blurry side, so I figure it would look better on TV. I wonder what resolution the stream at.

The installation was lightning fast and loading the games as well.

I tried a trial for Mafia II. The game looked great and handled nicely. The only problem is that I hadn't played games on the computer for a long time so getting used to the keyboard wasn't easy. If I did get it, I would either get a computer controller or get the OnLive controller for the TV.

Their game library isn't that big right now, but they have a lot of high end names and will be adding more soon. I can see this taking off. I can see the potential!

You can also watch other players's brag clips or actually playing.

Pretty cool stuff!