Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Gran Turiss....Baaaahh......Who Gives a F@#k - 5

I played the first Gran Turismo for the PS1 and I thought what everyone else thought, this game looks amazing. It was the racing game to be reckoned with, if you were going to play a racing game then it was the GT series that you had to do it with.

But this was back in the day when smooth looking graphics were becoming all the rage and anything that looked close to CG animation was viewed as awe inspiring. Today, graphics are pretty much standard, meaning they all look pretty good. So for me a game as to be more than just pretty for it to hold merit. I am a guy who is perfectly happy playing 8 bit games.

Yeah it took 5 years to make and it has a 1000 cars and looks slick with customization up the wazoo..........I just don't care enough about car games.(UNLESS- they shoot missiles and lasers and I can ram people with my front end spikes)

I listened to a podcast the other day where they spent 1 hr and 38 min talking about how great GT5 was. You know that enthusiastic tone when somebody is trying to convey how great something was? Well not even 3 guys like that could make GT5 sound even remotely interesting -For ME.

Cause when it comes down to it, its not that GT5 is a bad game. All the reviews are pretty positive, but I just don't like racing car games.

To give an idea of how I feel about this, here is a scenario that happens to me regularly.I have 2 groups of friends, one that have the same interest as me and we talk about video games and other things of similar nature and then the others who talk shop -to be specific mechanical shop. We get together in a garage and they can spend a whole night talking about what part they used on what machine and where they found it, what they had to do to install it, how it compares to other parts, vehicles, jobs,etc. During these times my brain checks out, I stand around with I guess, some expression on my face. I really don't know since I find the conversation about as interesting as watching paint dry.

This is how I feel about this game, my brain turns off and goes in search of its happy place. Now if they came out with a Twisted Gran Turismo, then we get a little light goes on....ding ding ding.

Here's a EXCITING video of shop talk- for me its just as interesting as watching a GT5 video. Not even the entertaining weirdo is able to sell me on how fun it is to repair my car.


Edward said...

ahm... I'm kind of a noob on this buuut.... that's why I much prefer the Out Run and old NFS series. Just mindless arcade racing at its finest.

Blake said...

The only car racing game that I owned with just racing was rad racer.The pixels were glorious!!

Edward said...

Darryl, have you tried any of the Out Run 2 versions (PS2, Xbox, Xbox Live)?
It's awesome regardless of platform, in fact my copy of Out Run 2006 Coast to Coast was one of the few PS2 games that survived my sale onslaught!