Monday, October 4, 2010

Worst Starwars Game Ever

I'm not giving this horrible piece of crap another run through. Click here to see what my initial thoughts on it, just some first impressions. Well I have finished the game and did it get any better?? Hell No!!

This has got to be one of the worst Starwars games I have ever played. Normally the Starwars universe alone is enough of a redeeming quality to add some sense of entertainment to a lacking game title. Some may say that the PS1 Starwars, Masters of the Teras Kasi was the all time worst game. I remember actually liking that game, I had fun with it when it first came out.

This game is just bad.

1)Controls - Jumping in the game is all dumb luck. Trying to find that ledge that you have to grasp or next platform will usually depend on the player dieing while trying to find the sweet spot where they are suppose to jump from. Some of the worst jump mechanics in any game I've played.

2)Difficulty level - There are two, Padawan and Master. It doesn't matter which you choose, you can't die. You just go back to the last check point which was literally 15 secs a go. There is no sense of doom or failure. I know the Lego franchise does this as well and those games are geared towards kids. Well I assume that this game was geared towards the same market. The only downside is losing points which you use to buy upgrades and extras.

But even that doesn't matter cause you can get through the entire game without buying a single thing. Its useless, only a completioness like myself would want to go back and collect and save them all. But unlike other starwars games, these extras were kinda pointless.

3)Story - Good God, the story is boring as hell. I see that they are trying to link all these different stories all happening at the same time. But because the game play is so dull I really don't give two hoots. Its all ingame characters and environments when they do do a cut scene and even then(which takes us to number 4)

4) Graphics - The cutsenes are horrible, textures jump and jitter, the models jiggle and shift. Shadows pop and stretch. It looks like everything was colored by a 3rd grader, if they were going for a simplistic crayola style here then they failed horribly.

There were no beautiful cutscenes that we come to expect with the starwarss franchise. No giant battles or cool fight scenes. All bland boring bullshit!! When we did see something that didn't resemble shit it was reusing scenes from the actual show. But even those were crappy looking. It reminded me of the CGI interactive rom games for the PC or Sega CD. The video is all grainy and blocky and embarrassing.

5) Dialogue - Its not too often I notice this sorta thing. But holy moth balls, at times is sounds like each line was recorded without context, no one as know idea what the other character is doing even if they are standing right next to the person. A normal conversation could have the annoying character Asoka(I don't care if its spelled wrong) shouting at the top of her lungs one line and then sounding like shes having afternoon tea the next. Its just nasty, not even laughable, but looking at the screen and going,"I can't believe that this is suppose to be a Starwars game"

6)Fucked 2 Player Co-op - So a buddy can play and help you. But what we found out the hard way was this. As you go through the game you can collect points to buy upgrades. So both players are collecting points and buying upgrades. Then you get to the very end of the boss and say,"lets call it a day"

The next time you come back, your partner is back to square 1. All his points are gone and all his extras are gone. Not that it really matters the game is so stupid easy that you could probable get through most of it without even looking at the screen(save for jump areas) But this really puts a damper on all the hard work that a co-op partner puts in. This kind of thing happens with Scott Pilgrim Vs The World as well. Why are developers doing this? I like to be at the same rank as the other person playing if I put the work in. Not have it all put back to zero!!

7)Collision Detection - This can mean hitting a enemy to falling off a cliff. There are times when you can walk to the edge of a cliff and the character will just stop or drop down and hold on the side of the cliff. Other times he will just slide right off to his death..............This is completely random. One can't tell the difference between where the games invisible walls end and which platforms are grabable and which ones you need to be careful on BECAUSE THEY ALL LOOK THE SAME!!!!!!! SAAAAAAAAMMMMMEEEEE!!!!

God Dammit!! Don't do this!! makes no sense. I could be running along on 4 platforms and the first 3 I can walk towards the edge and he won't fall off but it still permits me to jump to the following platform.Untill I get to random platform X and now I can slide of the edge to my death. Doesn't makes sense and is completely random.

Much like everything else in the game, this picture makes no sense.

There is nothing redeeming about this game, it is (my opinion) one of the worst Starwars Games I have ever played. Yes there are worst games out there than this. But just in terms to other Starwars games, this one is the shitz( the bad runny diarrhea kind). I thought when I got it that maybe it was worth $, its not. Stay far away from this game and use this as a cautionary tale.