Monday, September 27, 2010

Buyer's Remorse.....Maybe....?

I already have a handful of games that I have to finish to reduce my back log of games. So far its going pretty well. But like most gamers, getting a brand new shiny game makes you feel good. So I have been resisting buying a new game until I clear my backlog. UNLESS I find a deal on a game.

This weekend was that deal or so I thought. Normally I don't talk about a game until I have finished it, but this is a special case and after I do finish the game I will see if I still feel the same way about it.

In future shop I found Star Wars Clone War - Republic Heroes for $14. I played the demo and I really didn't like it at all. It was repetitive, handled poorly and didn't look good, but does offer quit a bit of extras. So I figured for $14 I can handle all that, I do enjoy the Star Wars universe so this will be a little trip in that direction with some annoyances here and there.

I hadn't got through the first level when the first glaring issue comes up. The game looks like shit, the textures on the characters, the background, the vehicles. All look like they have been drawn on with crayons, plus they pop in and out and shift and blur constantly and the shadows spike everywhere. This is pretty unusual for a Star Wars game, usually they look really good and the graphics ends up being one of the more redeeming qualities of the game. Not here, this looks like they took the visuals for the Wii/Game Cube and slapped them on a PS3 disc.

The the controls, Oh god the controls. I died 18 times trying to jump onto a speeder on the side of a cliff. I didn't have a clue what I was suppose to do, I thought the game glitched and I couldn't get to it. Then on my 19th try I land on the speeder, ...WHY? I didn't do anything different than before? This happens alot, sometimes you will make a jump, other times you'll fall to your death.

The story is so boring and when they use cut scenes, they were too lazy to even make their own. So they ripped them directly from the animated TV series. Its embarrassing for a Star Wars game.

I am 5 levels into the game and the only redeeming quality that it as so far is that there are a TON of extras and they are all pretty interesting and entertaining. But do they make up for the rest of the game? Hell No!

When I finish this game I will come back and talk about it again and see if it grew on me a little like some kind of mold. (Ugh, ignites lightsaber and stomps off.)

I love development videos and hearing producers and others talk about a game like its the next Halo. This guy is doing a great job talking out his ass. Somewhere in his little brain, doesn't he go"Man, this game is crap and now I have to go and tell them all its the next big Star Wars Game."


1)If I say Authentic enough times, people may start to believe me.

2)As you can see we are both playing here. (looks the the host of the show) We're playing Co-op right?

3)You can play everywhere and with Family members. (What does that even mean?)

4)After describing what the clone does, "grenade, shoot, melee, duck, run and cover, I can do whatever I need to do" NOPE, that's it. I played the game, the clones don't do anything else. Unless you are talking about, "Look, he can point North, now West, and even South. We are still working on East.

5)This one is a good one. I have to go back into the game and change the language, apparently Yoda speaking in German is the Life Changing!

6)As the host runs around in circles while being shot at the Producer says to him,"Yeah, nice work"

There you go, if you ever get into a fire fight, take the word of this guy. Run in circles.