Tuesday, September 28, 2010

NetFlix Try Outs

NetFlix is now on the PSN. Whoooo hooo...I think. I don't really know, for some maybe. I went to give it a try, but never got past the connect screen. From what I can tell, its $7.99 in Canada a month for unlimited downloads/streaming of TV shows and movies.

It comes with a free trial but I can't even connect to their server. So I can't even give it a try. If its the sorta thing where I can't connect or get disconnect alot, then unlimited really doesn't matter. Getting disconnected in midstream and have it start over because it lost connection would become a pain in the ass.

But with the free trial I do intend to give it a go and see how it turns out. That is if I can even connect to get started.


rowen26 said...

Yeah, I haven't been able to reconnect to it either since launch night.

It says an unknown error occurs.

Maybe it's just the Island. :(

Jaison said...

I dunno but, you might have to sign up on a PC first. That's what I did and I haven't had any problems on PC or PS3.