Monday, October 4, 2010

NetFlix on the PS3 Impressions

Last time I wrote about first finding Netflix and not getting it to work on my PS3. Now I have had a chance to fully try the thing out.

This time around I connected and set up my account in no time at all and it was super easy. You get 1 month free trial and after that its $7.99 a month for all the free movies you can stream.

I logged on and browsed through their entire movie catalogue. The first thing that strikes you is that the movie selection is garbage. There are maybe 2-4 movies that are semi current, but no blockbuster movies. Its mostly movies that are made straight to DVD and not the good indie movies.

The majority of its movies are horrible, low budget crappy movies. It reminded of the selection of movies that you see when you walk in to a Dollar store and they have a bin of DVD that say 3 movies for 5 bucks. The majority of them are old enough that one as probable already seen them or just too crappy that you really don't want to see them anyway.

I must admit that I am horror/sci fi movie fan and there are a number of titles that I wouldn't mind seeing. You know those movies, good enough that I watch it for free but not something I would spend money on. Since I have the membership for a month, I can probable watch this handful of movies within the month trial period anyway.

I don't know how often they update and add to their movie selection and I know they are just starting out. But they really need to increase their selection and quality of movies alot before I would consider paying a monthly membership.

In the end, the free trial is great, the movies stream really well, no problems at all. The picture quality is great. The selection is downright dismal and one would probable watch everything that interested them during the free trial period.

Until then, sign up for the free month and watch what you want too watch and then cancel your membership before the month is over but check back in every once and awhile to see how they are improving.


rowen26 said...

I found that a lot of the movies I wanted to see or the TV shows were not available.

I'm guessing it's a broadcast wrights issue or something like that, but there's a lot of american series in there that I would have liked to watch but can't.

Still, I found a lot of interesting stuff to put on my watch list.

Would I pay for the service? I'm not sure yet.

Blake said...

I read that alot of the TV series we will never see because CTV,and other Canadian TV companies own the rights to distribute the content in Canada or something like that.