Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Mortal Kombat Trailer -NEW

I am looking forward to playing the New Mortal Kombat, going back to its roots. Not looking forward to getting my ass handed to me online. I don't know why game companies haven't made game rooms. Like they did with older PC gamers, rooms for beginners, hardcore and people who like play their music through their headphones for everyone else to hear.

I know you can choose to play people of the same skill level in alot of the fighters out there now, but I really don't know what stats they use to put these people in the same rooms together. I still get my ass handed to me on a daily basis regardless of skill level of the room. I just suck at fighting others, but I still enjoy the game itself. Multiplayer is a part of fighting games I be totally happy without.


Kelli said...

Seeing this trailer made me miss mortal kombat. I remember when mortal kombat was the thing back in the day. Do you think it can make a comeback like street figher ?

Blake said...

Maybe, depends on what the game play mechanics are like. I tell you what I didn't like, it was when they introduced the 50 hit combo's. Who the heck can remember all those.

Kelli said...

50 hit combos!?...... I have trouble remembering the first 5, lol