Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Castle Crashers Comes to PSN

With the latest store update I saw that the PSN is now offering Castle Crashers for $14.99. I already played and finished this game at a friends place and I really enjoyed the game, enough so that would like to own it and really flush out everthing there is to do in the game.

But having already played it all the way through and on C0-OP I feel that $14.99 is not the right price point for me. Even before I checked the store, I was thinking,"I already played this, do I really want to spend $10 on a game I already finished? even though I did like it"

Well when I saw the price at $14.99, I had my answer. No, I don't want to spend that on a game I already played. But I will be keeping my eyes open on this title and one day it will go down in price and I will be there waiting, maybe.


Kelli said...

Castle Crashers was a fun game. I just didn't see the point in fighting each other for the princess.