Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Beyond Horrible

I hate to even bring notice to this, but I feel that people should be aware of this kind of thing. Perhaps when I was younger I probable wouldn't have cared and just laughed it off. But watching this, I thought it be cute, maybe funny. But then the video started and my mouth just flopped wide open. There is funny and being a pain in the ass(which I excel at) then there is being this.

This isn't funny, on any level. To the the kids in the room egging her on, to her parents (no parents aren't the correct words for them,) Her Handlers who feed and clean up her shit are all fucked up in their Mangina's!

There is a generation of gamers growing up today that think this is the proper way to play online and its standard, comes with the territory and for the most unfortunate part, it probable is. What the stupid thing is that he gives his PSN ID. Even though its not doing the cursing, just send Sony the his handle along with a link to this video and BAM, I'm pretty sure he get the boot for abusing the system or something along those lines.

All you have to do is watch, 10-15 secs in the middle of the video to get an idea. Why watch the whole thing? Its pointless, just a little girl screaming stuff she shouldn't be.


YAGRS said...

All the wrong people are having kids. I think that's about all I have to say to this.

Edward said...

That's really creepy.
She's growing up to be a retard just like her dad and mom.

Imagine sane visitors dropping by and seeing such a scene. Imagine yourself visiting a friend and seeing such a scene. How would you feel? Would you be ashamed to say "oh, she plays the same games as I do"?
That's why I feel relieved to know my gaming world is free of such online rambling....

Big D said...

Kids today! I think a big problem is that consoles are including voice chat and everyone is being encouraged to use it, yet there is almost no moderation.

This is another reason we need dedicated servers. On PC I would always pick a server with a "Don't be a jackass" policy. People behaved or they got permanently banned from there. I miss those days...

Kelli said...

I can't stand undisciplined kids. This is another reason I don't play call of duty even though I have gotten better with alot of practice, I can't stand when people talk sooooo much smack. Sometimes when I'm playing it sounds like some little kids playing here and there..... I guess this proves my theory. I wish there was more moderation with voice chatting because I can't stand to hear people singing (and can't sing) arguing, saying rude, nasty things, and overall just being an ass