Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Xbox Live is Going Up, Up and .........up some more.

Thanks to Game Fudge for this little rant this morning, they posted a piece and I started to comment on and it became a little long winded. So here is my take on the whole thing.

Microsoft is increasing the price of Gold Memberships by $10, apparently its only in America right now but we can rest assured that its gonna be coming to Canada and other places soon enough. To do this right before the next COD : Black Ops just forces people to go, "well, I need to play this game" and if we learned anything about COD players is that you can rap shit on a stick and call it COD and they will eat it up like Candy.

In a market where its competitors are offering similar services for free with the major drawback being they don't offer cross game chat, people really need to put it in perspective. When is enough, enough? and people go, I refuse to pay for this. I like what IGN is doing with the Playstation Plus, they are for an entire year, keeping track of all their purchases and savings and at the end of the year, seeing if the savings alone is enough to justify the full price membership.

This article will really help others to see if indeed this service is well worth it. Currently I am not on the fence about it, I am clearly in the No thank you, but I am interested to see how it all pans out.

Currently, I assume 99% of all Xbox users will probable renew their subscriptions. Why? because all their games and all their friends already have a established online gaming community set up and too lose all that is real pain in the ass for any gamer. If all of a sudden I couldn't play my online games with my friends on the PS3, that would take away a very large chunk of play.

Its a shitty deal for gamers and it almost forces them to continue to pay because they already have everything set up. Its almost like a crack dealer and addict. Now that they've had years to increase their friends list and buy a ton of multiplayer games, they have no choice to pay, or lose all that they have built up.

Its crappy and Microsoft can say all they want about economy and need to increase prices, when it all comes down to it, its because they Can and they Will because we live in world were Greed rules all.


Kelli said...

I totally agree everyone is greedy in this economy. I'm not a big xbox player because there aren't many games on the xbox that I like, maybe just halo or fable. I also hate that when you download demos the best ones are for gold members first, a trap to get us to be a gold member. I paid once (3 months) I ain't paying again.