Monday, August 30, 2010

Worst Street Fighter - Makato

Perhaps this is one of those instances where if you are NOT a hardcore Street Fighter gamer but rather someone who enjoys the franchise, then perhaps I am not playing the character the way it is meant to be played and there for fail miserable at it. Which is the case with this.....piece of crap.

I started going through Super Street Fighter 4 and trying to finish all the individual stories of all the characters. So when I get to Makoto, I didn't even finish it. This character is going to be the last one that I do. I spent over 2 hrs trying to make it past her round 4 and 5 opponents. What the hell was I doing wrong?!!

I feel again, like I am missing some fundamental flaw of the character, am I suppose to play her with my eyes closed, perhaps I should sell a tower before I use her like in pixel junk. I don't know, she baffles me as a character.

All of her moves are useless, each move leaves her open to attack way too long for her opponent to strike back. She's way too slow, she side steps back and fourth the ground like some senior citizen who wandered too far from the old folks home. Her range seems like the shortest out of all the characters, I do a kick at an opponent which I know others can hit, figuring that she can have a move that can tap them at the right moment. Instead she throws her punch, misses-DOESN"T even contact, character is too far away and gets hit in return.

I looked up online to "How to play the character". And the one move where she grabs her opponent and holds them up in the air. I was told that his move and her dashes is the reason that you play Makoto. Really?? I tried this, you literally have to be nose to nose to a character to get this move to work. Which really makes it hard when fighting grapple characters.

Here's her stupid trials

Another move where she punches straight up into the air, STRAIGHT UP!! How is this helpful?? Maybe against Bison's foot stomp, or Honda's butt slam but that's it. Unless the opponent is coming straight down on her head this move is pointless. Then she has a move where she karate chops the ground, but the only damage she does is when she hits the ground and the opponent has to be ballz deep next to her. Besides that, the wind up and execution of the move leaves tons of time to react and counter.

Ryu's uppercut punch just happens, boom!! You hit the buttons and the move starts and its deadly from the start. This move is is the opposite, hit the buttons and she winds up and follows through and boom, hits the ground. The opponent as enough time to dash away, jump up or punch her in her stupid karate face.

The only move that is remotely usefull is her dash punch, where she can dash a little over half the screen with a powerful punch. But if you miss or are blocked, your screwed. This move is flawed in the fact that it is meant to contact otherwise you are left wide open for any attack.

I tried to play her, I really did. Being patient, waiting for the right time. But even that, her range is the killer, she has none. You get one chance to strike when the opportunity presents itself, but if you think you are close enough and end up being not, then its all poop on stick.

After 2 hrs and only getting to round 5, I gave up. All the others have taken me on average 20-30 min to finish their story mode. 2 hrs is a little excessive, I know I have to go back to finish her stupid story mode and rip my hair out while trying to do so.

Makoto, you suck and go down in history has one of the worst playable street fighter characters I(ME) have ever known. Go suck on a Gull's ass!


Kelli said...

I know what you mean, not exactly street fighter but I tried to play kuma, and roger on tekken. I know their animals and everything but if I'm trying to complete the game, winning against someone like jin, nina , and other fast past characters ain't happening

MC said...

From what I've read, they seriously took Makato down a peg or two since SFIII. I enjoyed playing as the character, but I can totally see how some of those changes would have been detrimental to the character's basic functioning.

Blake said...

Yeah, I have to admit, that saving her for the final character to finish the game with, she did become a little easier to control.

Anonymous said...

shes actually good if you take the time to play and and a.e shes really good

Anonymous said...

shes a really good character if you learn her. shes really good in a.e.

Blake said...

oh I have no doubt that she is a great character in the right hands. But for me, a casual fighting gamer, its like I'm trying to tamn a water buffalo with a carrot on a stick,lol