Friday, August 27, 2010

6 Degrees of Game-er-ation

Ever have the oddest thing just pop into your head and then it develops into some random story that is just as entertaining as Michael Bay wanking one out to demolition videos?

This was my thought this morning when I was getting breakfast. I got sausages which somehow lead my brain train to Zelda, the game.

So there you go, please Go from Sausages to Zelda in 6 turns. I'm sure I don't need to explain any further on how this works, if I do then you need to leave this site and go play some more farmville on Facebook!


rowen26 said...

Breakfast sausages go with eggs.
Eggs come from chickens.
Chickens can be picked up bu Link.
Link saves Zelda.

Did it in 4!

Blake said...

Ah, what made me think of it was..

Sausages can come in Links
Link knows Zelda

Perhaps I will do more of these.

YAGRS said...

How about . . .

Sausage is often made from pork.
Pork is meat from a pig.
Ganon has the face of a pig.
Ganon stole the Tri-Force from Zelda.

Blake said...

Ahh, good one, you have won the prize of all you can eat sausages!!!

Just go to your local breakfast and order all the sausage you can eat and say," Pacroid, sent me. You know what to do"


YAGRS said...

All I can eat sausages? Awesome! Just what every veggie boy needs ;)