Thursday, August 26, 2010

Demo Day

Every now and then I get the urge to download some demos and spend a evening playing them. If it wasn't for my crappy Internet connection I probable play alot more, takes forever for them to download, that I spend half my time downloading and installing.

-I really love the art style, its kinda like the drawings that I like to do. The animation is all symbol based and really well done. It almost looks like it was animated in Flash, but done pretty good. The ingame animation of characters are done really well and the overall look and feel of the game reminds me of castle crashers. But although they looks similar in regards to how it looks, that's where it ends.

Its a side scroller beatem up, but for some reason it just didn't hook me. When I say beatem up, you can't move up and down the screen, its a linear straight line across the screen. Which is ok, nothing wrong with that. I don't know what it is, but I am just not into the game. It kind of reminds me of Matt Hazard in gameplay, another game that didn't catch my eye.

Also the $14.99 price point doesn't help make it a impulsive buy. If you are on the fence after playing the demo, I say just wait for it to drop in price which it probable will. Unlike some demos that get your right away and make you go,"I got to have this". This demo did not do that.

Press Your Luck
-Remember this old game show back in the 80's? The one where they say,"No whammies, No whammies" and if it did land on a whammie, some silly animation would play depicting this character removing all that person money.

Well, this game sucked. It looks horrible, its not fun and should be free. I can't believe that people got paid to make this game. I think they made it in a month, someone really pushed to have this made and it really shows. Its not worth $9.99, infact its not worth $0.99. There are better free games on the Internet that this.

Maybe if you are a hardcore fan, and I mean you lived and breath this show and have old VHS tapes with episodes of this show on them, then this game is for you. For everyone else, leave this alone.

-I didn't read the fine print, I just saw, demo-Mag:beta. So I thought I give it a try. It seemed weird that it was only 36MB. When I installed it and started it up, it then said,"please insert disc"

I am confused, it said,DEMO. Why do I need a disc? did I miss something? So me not reading the description it is a demo that is only for people who own the actually game. Way to go and get new people interested!! Just give me a minute so I can buy the game so I can play your demo!

So that's as far has I got with that one. Good job guys!!

That concludes my demo day, nothing that made me want to buy anything. But I still have 3 DLC games that I have to play anyway, no need to buy more.