Thursday, August 26, 2010

My 15th Platinum - Lego Harry Potter:Years 1-4

I'll do a official rant on this game in a different post, this is just to post my 15th platinum. Overall this one wasn't the easiest platinum I got, but it definitely wasn't the hardest by no means either. The most difficult trophy to get here are collect all 200 gold bricks. The only reason this one is difficult is because there are bugs in the game that really mess with the player.

It seems simple enough to find all the gold bricks because like all Lego games you get detector boxes that point to where a hidden items is. The only thing here is that it will sometimes point to a location where you already were, making you think that there is another Gold brick in the area when infact there is nothing there.

Other times when you do collect a brick the marker telling you where the brick is doesn't disappear. Its all a big pain in the ass, I was lucky enough that I only had this happen within the games levels themselves and not in the free roaming world.

I was talking with Ian about the number of games I own compared to the amount of trophies I have. Well that's different, cause I own at least 8 games that doesn't offer trophy support and 25 that do. So that's not bad, out of 25 trophy supported games, I have collected 15 trophies. Plus there are 2 other games in that 25 that I want to try and platinum aswell.

Have to wait and see if that's possible or if it will be a big pain in the rear.