Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Lego Starwars 3 - Clone Wars

Seeing has I am ballz deep in the current Lego Harry Potter game, I thought this trailer was a nice "Look forward" too addition. I sure hope its not as buggy has the Harry Potter gamer. But it really does look much more detailed. I wish they would have went with a new theme. Sure I like the starwars lego games, but I think they are afraid that if they go with one that doesn't sell like hotcakes they will just chalk it all up to,"ok, were done.. no more lego games". Unlike the movies were we get part 9 of some crappy ass movie.

The most annoying part of this trailer is the voice over guy,"Like never before" I'm coming for you Mr voice guy and I'm gonna rip your voice box out and rub my nuts on them LIKE NEVER BEFORE! :)


Dan said...

Poor voice over guy - bam!