Sunday, September 12, 2010

Haunted Zelda game

I often wondered what this generations ghost stories would be like. Usually it's about some monkey paw with the mysterious power of screwing one over like that Precious girls mom, or some old dude's head peering at people in the middle of the night.

But this generation is different. Energy drinks keep us gamers awake all night, and we're too involved with the screen to even notice a ghost helping itself to a sandwich at any hour. So what are the new ghost stories? I give you a haunted Zelda Cartridge. Now I don't want to hear "It's obviously fake".... well.... of course it is! Most of these things are! It's just a fun well thought out and executed ghost story. It's kinda like saying "Paranormal Activity" is fake..... duh...

If you're like me and you've read this far then you love a good creepy story then you'll really get a kick out of this. It starts off with a poor fella obtaining the classic N64 game Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask. Seems pretty lucky right? Wrong! This game is haunted! Haunted son!!

The video is broken into three parts (Day Four, Ben, Drowned.) Read the story in the description part of youtube before watching the videos. It's a lot better than Paranormal Activity and a lot shorter.

Here's the list again (in order) :

Pretty soon the new ghost stories will consist of the ghostly apparitions of some fat World of Warcraft nerd that killed himself over the death of his character or some kid that got run over by a bus because he wasn't paying attention while crossing the street, playing pokemon, and drinking Mountain Dew. I can't wait for the new ghost stories!.... So post 'em if you find 'em!


Blake said...

Oh No, I just started playing Pokemon!!! And Seth Drinks Mountain Dew!!?? And we both can Walk!!???

What does all this mean?!!!

ps(Good to see you back Josh:D)

YAGRS said...

That was obviously fake!

Sorry, but you really kinda asked for that response.

The Zelda vids were entertaining. The descriptions could have been better written, though. Not that I'm nitpicking . . . .

Josh Rodgers said...

Of course it's fake! All ghost stories are. The only point I was making is that ghost stories are fun. This is no exception.

Blake said...

You know what else is fake? Pam Anderson's Boobs, Unicorns, Milli Vanilli and Jesus.

Okay, maybe not Jesus, but his Dad is...ZiiiiiinnnnG. I'm sorry, I'll just be standing over here waiting to be struck down.